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 Feeders and Gainers blog!

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MessageSujet: Feeders and Gainers blog!   Ven 22 Avr - 16:15

I have been wanting to create some kind of a blog for a long time to serve the feeder and gainer community and I am looking for guest bloggers. Any one who feels like they might have something of interest to say on the subject, and I am happy to include informational pieces, artwork, true life stories, fictional stories, any thing that might be of interest to the community at large (pun intended).

I am also willing to advertise clips stores, paysites, other blogs, other communities, deviant art sites... Just email me at lovemyfat@yahoo.com if you have something of interest to share.

And in the meantime be sure to check out the blog: Feeders and Gainers
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Feeders and Gainers blog!

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